Monday 26 November 2012

Some early lessons about Imperial Guard in 6th

So, I've now had a few games of 6th edition, and an apocalypse game, so I thought I'd take a moment to run through my general thoughts on what I've observed so far...

  • 1000 points is very different to 1500 points! That should go without saying, but the balance of what you can take and what is worth taking is fundamentally very different, especially if you're dealing with a multiple objective mission.
  • Feel No Pain (ie: Medi packs) is still a huge help in keeping squads alive, and the reduction to a 5+ doesn't hugely outweigh the reduction in what it protects against - although with T3 Guard, it's not super awesome.
  • I'm yet to draw any useful conclusions on psykers yet.
  • Ogryns can punch tanks to death. They also take a remarkable amount of fire compared to Guard infantry. Who knew?
  • Ratlings are immensely useful and awesome.
  • Storm Trooper deep striking has potential, but I need to get better at placing.
  • I do not have enough Troops choices painted. When I put together 3,500 of Guard, with only two troop choices? Something is wrong. Troops need to move up my painting schedule!
  • Don't leave space for Deep Strikes
  • Demolitions Veterans remain awesome.
  • Sentinels work better when you remember to take them out of the army carry case.
  • Rough Riders are faster, have a greater threat range, but remain as fragile and short lived as ever. They are only as tough as infantry, and after the initial strike are very vulnerable.
  • Fliers need some getting used to.
  • I've not seen much benefit from anti infantry fliers so far - need to try out anti tank ones.
  • I had failed to spot the rule about taking a dangerous terrain check when you jump out of a Valkyrie and scatter. It makes it riskier, but its still a hugely beneficial boost to movement.
  • Hydras do not rock as hard as they used to.
  • Leman Russ do die easier than before, but are still a pain to take down.
  • Manticores need to work in concert with other firepower to take out enemy armour, as they are mostly trimming hull points now, not wrecking multiple tanks.
These are just my personal observations, and your own experiences may vary. All I can re-emphasise is to keep on playing games and trying things out!


  1. "Sentinels work better when you remember to take them out of the army carry case."
    It has been proven, through extensive research, that actually fielding a unit massively increases its impact on the battle. An important lesson for us all me thinks!

    1. It is one of the more _obvious_ lessons I've learnt for 6th, but I felt it worth mentioning...