Monday 3 December 2012

November in review (wherein a lot of lists happen)

November has gone pretty well!

- Assembled and Undercoated the Imperial Beastman kitbash
- Prepped and Undercoated my Wicked Dolls
- Prepped my Vindicare Assassin
- Assembled one Sarissa Silo
- Undercoated some cultists for one of Sim's commissions
- Prepped most of Becky's Herald (awaiting some help from Sim with some Green Stuff)
- Prepped & Undercoated the Disc for the Herald

Not done:
- Imperial Beastman isn't finished
- Collodi isn't assembled
- 3 other Silos are not assembled
- Didn't do anything with my Skaven

Reprieve given:
Sim had asked me to prep and assemble some Sanguinary Guard and Kabalite Warriors, but she's now farming that out, so I don't have that on the "to do" list any more.

I've also got a ton of games in;

  • 1 game against Space Wolves
  • 2 games against Grey Knights (I even got mentioned in someone else's blog post)
  • 1 Apocalypse Game
Picture totally stolen from ClauseIV1918
So, that comes to this month...

The wife has asked me to give her a "to do" list an itemised order. Where better to do it than on my blog?

  1. Fix the handwheel for the silo door I've already broken!
  2. Green Stuff Becky's Herald so I can undercoat it
  3. Fix the Valkyrie Door
  4. Magnetise the Valkyrie Weapons Options (I need to check if I should paint the other ones first)
  5. Fix the Basilisk so it doesn't look terrible any more
  6. Fix the Ogryn banner
  7. Fix the Ogryn bayonet
  8. Help with the Techpriest Assembly
  9. There's probably some more but that's all I can remember for now
(Hello love - just the first two this month is all I really need doing quickly!)

I did find a little this month that by setting myself a high set of targets, if I got demotivated with them, I didn't want to do other things because they weren't contributing so much.

So, in an effort to try and be a bit more flexible, I'm going to try and do some of these goals;

  • Finish Beastman kitbash so I can blog it
  • Sort out another unit of Troops for my Guard?
  • Assemble Collodi & progress the Malifaux crew painting
  • Progress the Vindicare
  • Prep the Salute Mayan for April
  • Finish the assembling the other Silos
  • Do something with my Skaven
I may also do other things instead, depending on how I'm feeling. Making a hobby a chore is a fast way to madness.

I also have some things I would also like to do for the blog;
  • Write up the fiction for the two Grey Knights battles I had, and the Apocalypse Game
  • Get some more games in
  • Write a blog about all the Kickstarters & games that are looking shiny (such as Eden, Malifaux RPG, and Kingdom Death)
  • Talk about other crazy future projects and ideas I have
  • Write up the Beastman Kitbash
  • Maybe throw out some army list ideas I've had
I also really need to take more pictures for the blog so you have more nice things to look at.

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