Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How my bank holiday went

Its already Wednesday and I haven't updated! I had a good Bank Holiday and got a lot done.

I've been learning how to use my wife's airbrush and am quite pleased with how I'm doing, although I think I will need to take a break before doing any more so the wife does not kill me dead. Apparently I am an infuriating pupil...

Other than the learning, I also got a lot of under-coating done. Sim is getting some preparation done for her Timeline 300 purchases from Salute. As I was undercoating already, I picked up her undercoating. These are the mining machines, now undercoated.

And here is the main thing I got done. Four Sarissa silos all undercoated and ready for painting. One was done from an airbrush, the others with standard white spray undercoat. The airbrushing was unnecessary, and was just to learn about how to use it.

I also airbrushed these cobbles, which are intended for background for photographing other models I do. I've since washed it with black wash to improve the contrast. I'm pleased how that's come out.

I've written this on my iPad, and can't work out how to do my usual links through the app... I'll come back and add those tomorrow night. (Now done, 11 May - I was clearly very busy!)

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