Monday 20 May 2013

Imperial Guard officers done!

It seems like deadlines are the way to get me to complete things...

The two kit bashed Imperial Guard officers I showed off as assembled last week are now done!

You'll also notice that I've improved my photography set up just a little - there is now, at least, terrain around the model to hide newspaper and bits of my house in the background. I've used the Tablescape scenery as the backdrop, and the piece of Amera stone sheet I got for a mix of this purpose and airbrush practice

I have spotted that the younger chap's eyes are a little odd as the wash hasn't quite sat right around them. I may pop back and detail them in a while should I have the inclination. I think the hardest thing on this one, though, was getting the shoulder pads to sit right, as the arms I was using did not come with shoulder pads.

This chap really is my favourite of the two, though. He's a lot more of a kitbash than the first, with the Handgunner legs on the Imperial Guard torso. The reliquary is also a nice touch - a Grey Knight part traded from ClauseIV1918 during a bits trade a few months ago.

I found that the torso was quite a lot wider than the legs, and while I managed to file it down a little to look like it was a voluminous shirt being pulled in by a belt, there was going to be one spot where that just wasn't going to cut it - so the pouch and grenade were added to hide that particular sin.

So - what do people think? Both of the kit bashing and paint jobs, but also of the new photography set up. I'm happy to hear constructive criticism or ideas for improvement.


  1. I think these are very cool. An awesome kitbash that you wouldn't think was the combination of different kits. I also like the colours used - very fitting.