Monday 5 August 2013

A bit of a fan moment about Arcworlde

Some of you may recall I bought a couple of Arcworlde figures at Salute this year. I'm definitely a fan - and given the young lad doing all these sculpts is only 20 makes it even more remarkable.

Warploque Miniatures has just started their Kickstarter for Arcworlde, and I'm already in. As is the way of things now, I've made sure I'm in for a second warband so that Sim can play too. She's bagsied the Undead Pirates incredibly quickly - I'm considering the Bayourks myself.

I did get sent a copy of the playtest rules, and it definitely looks quite interesting. Sadly, I never quite found the time to test out a game, but I did have a quick proof-read and sent back as many helpful comments as I could about bits I found unclear. These were happily few and far between - it was already looking like a slick, professional production when I received it!

In an effort to 'kickstart' my stalled painting progress, I dug out the little swamp critter I'd picked up at Salute and promised myself to do the next stage in his prep and / or painting over the weekend for each one of the household chores I completed.

This was sadly delayed as I realised that the MicroArt Studio bases I'd bought for him didn't really have much space to actually fit a figure on - and certainly not one that had a lot of flat contact with the ground. I actually had to dig through my basing kits to find a suitable thin flat piece of stone to bring part of the modelled detail up to the level where he rested flat on the bases at all.

Also, since I bought those bases, Warploque took the decision to use round bases for their models, but I decided to press ahead anyway, and work with what I have!

Isn't he the most adorable little thing? I painted him in a very short space of time, so I know he's not exactly display standard, but I think he's lovely.

So, to re-iterate, please go and back the Arcworlde Kickstarter so this poor lonely chap can have lots of new friends to play with!

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