Monday 19 August 2013

A week of some progress - Old memories and a painting class

In order to accommodate a guest, I needed to move all my stuff out of the spare room last week. This led me to a not inconsiderable amount of surprise at the number of boxes I had with things in them that I wanted to keep.

I also finally found my Forge World resin Baneblade, which I bought probably over a decade ago now. It is an effectively instruction-less kit (it definitely will be if I can't find the papers it came with), so that will be an adventure, And No Mistake.

How do I lose a Baneblade?

This (less the Dreadfleet box, which I brought down at the same time) is what it was hidden under. The shoe box and the ice cream tubs contain cardboard scenery, epic plastic ruins, Heroquest models and a few other surprise delights.

The Sea of Blood box includes all the Plague Fleet contents as well. My parents threw that box away at some point while I was storing my stuff there to consolidate boxes. I weep for how much that took off the value of the entire lot, even if I have no intention of selling any of it right now.

On Sunday, I got to escape the house to travel with my darling wife up to Leisure Games, where she was teaching a painting class. I went up with her, as we didn't know the numbers and she might have needed some help, but it turned out to be a pretty small class so I got to sit in the corner and get caught up with my own stuff.

So, here's the day's progress! I didn't paint constantly - I can't keep my attention on it that long - so I ambled around the shop every now and again as a break.

This is the disk I'm painting for the Tzeentch Herald. What do you think? This is a base, a wash, some blended lighter blue, then another wash. Sim thinks I'd have been better off drybrushing rather than wet blending, but I do also kind of like the effect I've got. I'm going to be building up the contrast towards a blue grey in time either way, but was curious as to other people's opinions.

Here's the Herald himself. This is using the colours from the relevant demon-related White Dwarf, with base, wash, and first layer starting to be added. It's still really quite rough at the moment and there will be a lot of smoothing on the blending.

The tail has a nice smoothness to it. I want to add a little contrast, but I also kind f like how it's looking as it is. He's an odd little beastie.

Here's a chap who is going to be a Slaanesh unit champion in my new Warriors of Chaos army. I'm trying out a technique from the 'Eavy Metal Masterclass book for the bone, hence it having been painted black when I don't usually use that as a base. He was white undercoated, and I've done the base and was on his robe.

Here's his back. I love the tattered cloth on this old model - it's a really good look at takes the wash brilliantly. I'm currently planning on spending quite a bit of time on this chap and entering him as my Golden Demon entry this year.


  1. I spy Man o' War.. great game, always kicked myself I didn't buy it. The blue Disk, since you ask: I think it's looking fine.. I don't think drybrushing is such a good option for smooth surfaces like that, I'd think just bring it up brighter (imo, since i think of tzeench as bright & flashy) can smooth things with glazes as you go. Cheers

    1. Thanks LF!

      At the time I was on a massive kick to do a huge combined Warhammer Fantasy campaign using Mighty Empires, Warhammer and Man O' War - but it never really got off the ground.

      Also, thanks for the advice on the disk - its really appreciated. I hope to post some more work in progress pics when I'm not curled up being self pitying over a mild bout of man-flu.