Sunday, 29 September 2013

Games Day 2013: Fake Rumour Competition

So, I'm back from Games Day 2013.

As a 'teaser', while I'm writing up all the interesting things I saw and learnt, I asked some of the staff to come up with the best "fake rumour" they could think of. Some of them were good enough sports to join in, so here's the "entries".

Mat Ward: "Mat Ward is working on ______."

Phil Kelly: "We're doing Codex: Primarchs next. We're moving the story on they've broken into the Emperor's original gene labs, and managed to clone the Primarchs. Every model in the army is a cloned Primarch."

Jervis Johnson: "This is my first draft of the next edition of 40K."

Tammy: "Fish people are next."

Jes Bickham: "We're going to combine Wood Elves and Bretonnians into one book as they're in the same geographical area. It'll be great. There's a new unit in there which is a flying forest hog."

Andy Hoare: "We're doing an Inquisition skirmish game."

Andy Hoare: "We're doing a Titan skirmish game."

Alan Bligh: "We're doing Ogryn Empires. It's like the Ogre Kingdoms book, but in 40K."

Talima: "30K in 30 minutes..."

Please don't be too angry with any of them. I goaded them all into it. I'm a terrible influence.

Proper reports to follow shortly!

In the meantime, whose fake rumour do you think is best?


  1. next version of 40k is the best! i love me some lane games

    1. It's actually a fun little alternative "scouting" game you can do as an alternative to rolling to see who goes first. I'll write it up in a future post...

  2. 40k titans skirmish game would rule!

    1. And this is how the madness starts...

    2. I have to say this one made me laugh like an idiot... :)

    3. They could just re-do this..