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Games Day 2013: Forge World Seminar Q&A

So, then we moved onto the Q&A session with Forge World. No pictures here, as multiple pictures of Tony pointing at people isn't really a good use of bandwidth...

Are there going to be Salamanders models?
They are on the list to do. They have some ideas for them. Maybe early next year?

Are you planning to do an XV25 / XV8 crossbreed Tau battlesuit?
They would like to do more in the way of battle suits. They have some unused concepts. Maybe another R'varna scale suit rather than something between the existing suit sizes. They'd like to do another within the next couple of years.

When will we see rules for the R'varna?
They are play-testing the rules at the moment. Hopefully they will get something online within the next couple of weeks.

What will be the timing for the second Horus Heresy trilogy of books?
Tony said to take these timings with a lot of caution. He admits himself that he is not great on timescales... He would hope to have Book 3 out in March 2013. Prospero could possible be in 2014, with Calth and Signus in 2015. But they have found that trying to get two of the Horus Heresy books out in a year can be a massive amount of work, but they're also getting the hang of it, with two and a (half or third, depending on whether you talk to Tony or Alan) under their belts...

What happened to Warhammer: Blackfire Pass?
It is currently not scheduled. It was put back for the Horus Heresy. They hope to get it done next year, but can't promise anything.

What about the K'daai Destroyer?
Within two or three months - maybe January or February at the outside...

Can we have some bat helms for the Night Lords?
They want to do accessories for all the Legions. They will try and do most of them over the next few months.

When will Mortarion be released?
Paul Rudge is the office Death Guard player, and he's constantly asking when it will be done. Because that's irritated everyone so much, they've now put Mortarion back to 2018.
More seriously, he hasn't been started yet, but they do want to do him soon. He will probably be 6 or 7.
(Have you noticed how they're now numbering Primarchs like Doctors? I wonder which one gets to be Peter Capaldi...)

Will there be some unique units for the Iron Warriors?
Yes. They are still play-testing these, so they are subject to change, depending on both how play-testing goes, and also how the sculpting / models go. They are hoping to get some Terminators done, probably Cataphracts with Cyclone Missile Launchers, like the pictures in the Collected Visions book. They also want to do a siege version of a Heavy Support Squad. Something where you can start to see the evolution towards Havocs.

What about Heresy era xenos?
Not too much. Its something for the distant future. The Imperium has just finished conquering the galaxy. As a result, Xenos aren't particularly significant in this period. This is about the civil war within the Imperium. Most Xenos in this period are dead or in hiding. They come back during the Scouring. In many ways, that's the revenge of the Xenos. If they get to the Scouring, they'll do it then. But they need to do the Heresy first, and do it justice. They have the Imperial army, the Mechanicum, all the Legions.

Where's Bran Redmaw?
Ask Mark Bedford.

Who is sculpting Horus?
Simon Egan.

Has Aeronautica [the epic scale fighter game, not the new 40K book] been discontinued?
Yes. It's out of production. They have limited warehouse space, and while it sold well at the time, it has probably had its day. If you want the rulebooks for it, now is the time to snap them up - numbers of sales are dropping to the point where it doesn't merit a further reprint.

When will we see Thallax special weapons?
That's Will Hayes fault. They didn't like the ones Will did so he's going to have to redo them. Hopefully, that will be early next year.

What specialist Imperial Fists units will there be?
With a similar set of provisos to the Iron Warriors, as the play-testing is unfinished... He hopes to have a unit of Breacher specialists. They may also want to refer to Sigismund's Templars, but expand on the swordsman concept somehow so it isn't just that.

Will there be a Horus Heresy Weekender in 2014?
Yes. It was very popular.

Are you planning more gaming weekends at Warhammer World?
These are set up by the Warhammer World events team, not the Forge World guys, so they don't know.

Are there plans to release the more "at rest" Fulgrim alternative sculpt?
They will probably not release that one. They will do some alternative sculpts. Some of the Traitor Primarchs in particular go through extensive changes, but they do have "extensive wardrobes". A beach bikini edition is probably going too far, though.

Very technical question:
Yes, the Land Raider IIB is one of the Phobos pattern, or Mars Phobos pattern series.

Will there be more upgrade kits like in the old days?
Its inefficient given the size of the range now. There is limited warehouse space, and it takes up two product codes in the warehousing system. They probably won't do many more.

What about other characters from the Heresy?
They want to do all the major characters from the Heresy. Some may be done in sets, some may be individuals. Yes, they do want to do the Sigillite, Garro and Friends.

Are you planning to do a bigger Titan?
They will do a bigger titan but it takes a while. Hopefully, the Warlord will be done in the next two years or so.

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  1. I would probably have to invest in the Sigillite if they did him. That could be a really awesome model if done right!