Wednesday 9 April 2014

Painting 9 to 5...

I had today off from work, so decided, as an experiment, to see what would happen if I tried painting "9 to 5". In the end, it was about "9:30 - 4:30, with quite a long lunch break", but that's still more painting and modelling than I've done in ages.

Collodi was still not glued to his base.

Collodi is now glued to his base and just needs water effects to finish him as a model.

I've done the skin base coat on the first nine Beastmen.

And I mocked up (with blu tac) a kit bash Mk I Power armoured character for inquisitorial type things.

I then started prepping and assembling him properly.

This really isn't a lot of progress for a 'day' of modelling and painting. But I am now getting progress where I had completely stalled without any movement. So I'll take that as a small success, and keep pushing forward.


  1. Good stuff.
    I love your mock up of the thunder armour. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.


    1. So am I. He's the thing I'm enthused about right now, so I'm switching to him every time I start flagging.

  2. I once had three days back to back in which I managed to paint an entire Green Tide formation for my orks. That's 100 orks and a warboss. I got a bit of other stuff done too.

    A few years I managed to finish assembling, putty and undercoat two units of 30 orks in a morning (about 4 hours)... and it feels like that was the last time I managed anything that productive with my models.

    1. Deadlines do help! I managed to finish 20 Guardsmen in February due to an impending challenge deadline.

      What I'm starting to do is setting myself mini deadlines in my head. Its certainly helping the "go-and-do-something-elsies" I get from time to time.

  3. I love the mock-up!

    Also, let's face it: it's more progress than you would've made if you'd wasted tthe day at work instead...

    1. Oh, absolutely. I'm also now very much of the opinion that I have too many projects "on the go" at the same time.

      Ideally, I want three:

      - One detailed paint job
      - One "bulk" paint job
      - One small and easy job, perhaps a kitbash

      And I then flit between the three as my concentration on one or the other wanes.

      Right now, I have 10 things in flight, and it's far too much. I just don't get to even starting to get back into many of them.

  4. The kitbash looks superb, definitely want to seeit done ! (no pressure)

    My wife and kids are leaving the house for vacations next week so I'll be alone, I think I'll try a "9 to exhaustion" to see if I can manage to get some achievments.

    1. Well, the long weekend has hit. Lets see how much gets done!