Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sa-lewt 2014 - The Revenge of the Shopping

How did Operation: Go Shopping fare this year?

Well, Forge World unsurprisingly got a pile of my money. I'd pre-ordered a Trojan Support Vehicle, an Ork Trukk with Enclosed Cab, and a variety of doors and hatches for an Inquisition Rhino I have in my queue. At the end of the day, I spent some of my last few pounds on one of their new T shirts.

And yeah, yeah, I know, it is a bit "Yo, that's fifty dollars for a T shirt", but it's a nice design and not overdone, so it will see some use.

The recipients of my last money at the show were Bandua Wargames. They have started to do some "Designed for Infinity" stuff. As a result, I ended up grabbing a few shipping containers to feed my habit. One in particular has a lovely tube design which I haven't seen anyone else do yet. Very cleverly done.

There was, obviously, the show only miniature and a free dice, but the rest of my money was taken up by the various folk from British Indie.

I felt I really had to pick up an Evil Clown from Mad Clown Miniatures. It will be a nice, fun, quick project to do. Infamy Miniatures are going to be doing a crowd funding campaign soon to pay for their game, but for now I picked up the Uncle John bust to paint. I've never painted a bust before, so I'm quite excited about how that will turn out.

I then picked up four miniatures from JoeK minis. Who are also planning a crowd funding campaign. I'm sensing a theme here... I picked up the strange alien chap with the staff, the demon with the ray gun and baby, and then the two evil scarecrow critters from the Oz range.

I'll be putting up a bit about the companies I saw which I didn't buy from but intend to in the future, and the general Salute experience later. There's also some thoughts in my head about the new Guard codex which I need to translate into something coherent.


  1. What is it with you and shipping containers?? I hope to see a harbour themed games board sometime in the future!

    1. A post extolling the virtues of shipping containers is in the works...

  2. Surely "Sa-LOOT"?

    Oh yeah, and shipping containers: yay!

    1. I'm being "down with the kids"