Monday 3 November 2014

A bit of a quiet one - throwing some paint on a Goblin Aid Pirate

Most of my hobby time this week has been taken up with trying to clear several feet of detritus off the dining table before my wife does something unfortunate to either me or my model collection...

However, I have learnt that stopping painting entirely is bad for the skills, so I've cracked on with another quick and simple model I've had sitting about the desk for a while. He's still in progress, but here he is!

This is a Goblin Aid Pirate Goblin. It was sculpted by Stuart Powley of Slap Miniatures for Goblin Aid, and this one was produced by Ral Partha Europe as part of the Goblin Aid campaign. You can now get it through Slap Miniatures between now and Christmas as a freebie with other bits and pieces!

I've had a bit of a browse through the Slap Minis site, and there's a few things that interest me - the Skauweg would be awesome for some sort of baddie for Sci Fi or Fantasy skirmish games. I'm less convinced by a lot of the people in the range, but there's one or two that I might pick up if I was putting in an order. It's certainly worth a look, particular if you like the older styles.

Painting wise, I don't want to do anything too complicated with this chap - he's meant to be a nice quick and simple job to keep me entertained in between more complex projects. However, I have a few things I'm considering. The first is whether to highlight up to yellow on his skin, while the second is to make the end of his nose red and blend it back - I think that's a "one or the other" job, I don't think he'd take both. Finally, there's a serious temptation to make his trousers stripy, but that is really pushing my definition of a "quick and simple job". What do people think?

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