Monday 17 November 2014

Nothing of note

It's all pretty quiet here. I've now undercoated the preacher with the club in the above picture, and he's now going to go away into a box until I've finished painting some of the stuff that's already underway, or I need a nice quick paint job in a day or so to cheer me up.

The other three; preacher, enginseer and Culexus are all getting their basing done ahead of undercoating. They will also then go into storage until other projects are done.

There's no other photos at the moment, as most of my modelling time is being taken up by a kitbash secret Santa being done by some guys at my local store. There are strict rules about not giving away what you're working on - not even hints allowed! Posting "work in progress" pictures on the blog are a lot more than "hinting", so you'll have to remain in the dark on that!

I've also drawn up my "project list" page. The plan is to make each item on the list a link to its own page cover what that project is about, or with some more obvious ones (like Dreadfleet, for example), I may just set it up to link to the labels showing my progress on the project in question.

Anything in that list people are particularly curious about?

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