Monday 12 January 2015

Infinity: First Battle with N3

So, a few of us brought 150 point Infinity lists to Dark Sphere to start learning N3. We had a simple mini mission of "claim the centre building". With my models not yet assembled, I used some proxies, but generally using models I have so when they're assembled I'll have a head start. Here's the list I went with:

Mobile Brigada: 39
Rev Healer w/ MULTI Rifle: 37
Zero w/ Combi Rifle: 18
Bounty Hunter w/ Spitfire: 20
2 x Combi Rifle Alguacils: 20
Alguacil w/ Light Grenade Launcher: 14

I'd originally planned to have my Zero mine up the central building, but my opponent got first turn and mined it up first.

This is around the point I realised that Infinity is going to be a lot harder to do battle reports for. As your turn can have models activate multiple times, shoot and be shot, it's not just a case of taking a quick couple of photos after the end of a Movement Phase and a Shooting Phase.

As such, I abandoned taking photos pretty quickly, and instead, I'll sum up what I learned. Hackers are really good against models who are vulnerable to them - possibly because at the moment they are feared and people will move to avoid encountering them. It may be that it turns out that bullets are perfectly acceptable anti-hacking protocol.

Learning range bands is going to be important. There was a point where I realised a grenade launcher would need a 1 to hit, and another point where the Spitfire did horrible things to a sniper because he got close. The Reverend Healer was also completely bad-ass, making me realise that the higher point medium infantry can be really tough when used right.

In short, Infinity is really about having a tool box, with each unit having things that it is good and bad at, and no unit being all round amazing at everything. I'm liking it more and more already.


  1. My mates are trying to twist my arm with infinity but I am really struggling to get into it. The multiple activations does my head in and I find it hard to rationalise it in the real world. Any tips for newbies?

    1. For rationalising it, or general "how to cope with getting your 40K brain around Infinity"?