Monday 19 January 2015

All sorts of busy

Well, it's been a busy week here. I've been desperately procrastinating assembling the figures I need for Winter Challenge 2015. So far, of the 9 models I actually need for my list, I've assembled 2 - and it's not easy assembly. I've twice now had to go back and pin things that I thought would be fine with just glue. They're beautiful models, but quite delicate!

I'm sure some of you will be saying you've seen this chap before. Which is right - but he took quite a few chips when I was gaming with him last year, so he ended up back in the painting queue for a bit of medic work and touch up. I actually think he looks better now than when I finished him the first time around.

I got to play Infinity again on Tuesday, with the first Actual Infinity Models. Zoe and Pi-Well took the field. It was my Ariadna opponent's professional opinion that Pi-Well was really, really annoying...

We were playing the armoury mission from the book, and I learned a few things. Veteran Kazakhs are really really tough, but have no BTS, so do not like a swarm of nanobots to the face. They like explosive close combat weapons even less!

I managed to pull a win out of the game, almost entirely due to the Reverend Healer marching across the field, punching a Veteran Kazakh to death and clearing the rest of the room single handed. She currently remains my stand out "woman of the match".

This was a work in progress shot I took of the pirate goblin from Goblin Aid I've been working on here and there. I'd originally planned to do a simple tabletop quality paint job but I've somehow ended up trying to give him a red drunk nose and stripy trousers. On top of that, my wife pushed me to also give him rosy cheeks!

I'm starting to take these high definition close ups as a way of reviewing how well my painting has done so far, and what needs touching up. This identified for me that the front of his coat, his tooth, his lower lip and just under his left eye all needed work.

I've also finished the last of my assassins. The Culexus is just done to a simple tabletop quality, but I'm happy enough with it for gaming purposes.

I now have all four of the assassins painted, which means that I should really try fielding the formation at some point in the near future. How could that possibly go wrong?

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