Monday 16 February 2015

TRO goes to Winter Challenge, Part 1

At the end of January, I went down to Exeter. It turns out Exeter is really quite a distance from London! I travelled down on the train Friday night after work. This meant I got in very late, and basically went to bed straight after I got to the hotel.

I'd picked a Premier Inn about an hour's walk from the venue. It felt like it was a former motel, arranged around a courtyard, and the corridors were rather sparse. But the room was nice and the cooked breakfast tolerable.

The walk from the hotel to the event was a little odd. Countess Wear, where I was staying, seems to be twinned with Stepford. It was all very nice and expensive, with big houses, pretty parks and vintage cars in the gardens.

Once you crossed the railway bridge, you entered the industrial estate where the event was being held. I specifically took a photo of this waste plant / incinerator for my wife, because she quite likes power plants.

Once I got to the event, I found a wide variety of different tables set out for people to play on. These included the usual urban tables, but there were also forested ruins, a board consisting of a series of islands, and a spaceship interior board.

Between the first and second day, the attendees all retired to a nearby pub for dinner. If you go to an event in Exeter, I'd recommend doing so - the food was affordable and delicious! I did not take photos of that, because I was busy eating and chatting. In the second part of my account, I'll be covering how I found the games on both days of the event.


  1. Mate - let me know, next time: I'm down this way (as is Gravis). I would've happily lent you some couch/floorspace, maybe some company/food and lifts too...

    1. I definitely think another trip to Exeter is in order at some point, but it may be a while before I can next make it down.

  2. commitments permitting - not willingness!

    Seriously: if you're back next year, drop us a line, do!