Sunday 1 February 2015

Health Check: New Year's Resolutions, End of January

So, lets have a look at how I've done with my New Year's resolutions for painting and stuff.

The Main Goal

- Finish painting at least two things a month

That's three things completed and sorted out.

Bonus Goals

- Finish more than two projects a month


- . . . and limit purchases the following month to whatever I beat the target by

Abject failure.

I picked up a Bob Olley Mechanicus off eBay when I finished the third model this month in a fit of enthusiasm, forgetting I was meant to wait until February. I then also didn't manage to get a fourth figure finished, because I desperately needed to buy a couple of Nomad Remotes for the Totally Crit Open at the end of February.

Preparing for Events

I didn't manage to get all my figures assembled for the Winter Challenge, which was very frustrating. Fortunately, it wasn't ITS, so I could use proxies, but I still feel bad about it.

I now really need to get sorted for the Totally Crit Open, because that is ITS and if I don't have the models assembled I'll be left begging people to borrow theirs, and that's just humiliating.

This does worry me a little regarding my "two a month" painting target - as I really can't afford to distract myself from assembly, and February is a short month. Still, I'm an adult and I can wear it. If I don't get two things painted this month, it's not the end of the work - I can always focus on trying to catch up in future months.


  1. "and limit purchases the following month to whatever I beat the target by"
    Not the worst thing to fail at. At least the painting got there! (and very nicely too)

    1. I did manage to paint more than I bought, which helps.

  2. And to be fair you need some of the models for an event. Justified!

    1. Yeah, but if I'd thought about it, I should have held off on the "nice to have" model rather than assuming I'd keep painting and be fine. Still, that Mechanicus is really pretty. #sorrynotsorry

  3. My own hobby resolutions have gone awry as I failed to paint the two minis I said I would.

    But I did manage to build a stack of terrain and even paint some of it. So not a total loss.

    1. This is why I've mostly focused my hobby resolutions on getting _something_ done rather than too many specific things. It means if I get burnt out at one thing, I can grab something else instead.

      Still, getting my Nomads assembled for the Totally Crit Open has to be the priority this month!

  4. Nice Priest! :D