Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How my brain works

So, this weekend I was away at No Rest for the Wicked, which is a Rogue Trader style 40K LARP. As such, aside from getting my weapon phys reps done (see above) my hobby has been sparse, as has my time to blog about it.

Until I get caught up, here's a little example of how my brain leaps from idea to idea in very quick succession.

  • I saw a post on G+ from someone asking for advice for kit in No Rest.
  • My general advice is to focus on costuming the top half of the body, as Sensible Boots are a very reasonable costuming compromise if you're running around in the wet and the cold.
  • I then thought about how cool a good pair of LARP pirate boots would look.
  • Maybe it would be cool to play a pirate in the 40K LARP.
  • I'm reminded of how I think there's a very specific difference between "Renegade Space Marines" and "Chaos Space Marines", and how often, but not always, that line slowly and gradually blurs and Renegades become Chaos worshippers.
  • I then start working out how to do a (human, not Space Marine) Renegade captain in the LARP, with Orks, Eldar Corsairs and even a small unit of Renegade Marines as part of his warband.
  • Halfway through this, I realise it could be a really, really cool 40K tabletop army.
  • I then sit down working out which forces to use for which sections, settling on the Lost and the Damned army list for the human pirates and renegades, with a formation of Ork Freebooters, an Allied Contingent of Eldar Corsairs and Chaos Space Marines as the Renegades.
  • Realising this is, mechanically, a Chaos force, I'm reminded of the cool background and ideas I came up with for the Iron Warriors force I already own models for and have been planning on painting for a while.

So, in this particular case, this crazy run of logic (which took a single afternoon) has resulted in a new army idea to be queued up after I finish my existing armies, but has gotten me a little enthused about one of my existing projects.