Monday, 23 March 2015

Plenty of hobby

So, I decided to start getting back into the swing of the modelling and painting side of the hobby -although mostly, it seems the modelling part.

So, I had a tiny problem with assembling Cypher. It turns out the spot his sword is meant to go is really close to the front of his cloak. I don't know how easy it is to see, but there's a green patch on his cloak right between his legs - that's where the drill bit came through. I green stuffed it all up, and started again, this time at an angle.

There is now a broken drill bit embedded in him that I can't get out. This has been passed to the wife to fix, with a small amount of "I told you so" as she'd told me not to use the hand drill and to use the Dremel instead.

Still, the sword is pinned ready to be added.

And a 32mm base has been built up with cork, had rocks and a skull added, and textured with two different kinds of Vallejo textured paste. I'll be doing a compare and contrast with Cypher on a 25mm and 32mm base when he's fixed, as I'm pretty sure he's going to be 28% more awesome as a result.

I have a new way of working. I have something I'm trying to finish that I want to do, and something that I should do. I also have something I'm prepping that I should do and something I'm prepping that I want to do. This means all the procrastination energy of the thing I should be doing gets put into the thing I want to be doing and more work gets done.

Here is the thing I should be doing. They're two of the four Marionettes for Collodi. They are now pinned to their bases ready for water effects. Only two left to go.

To get me a nice quick win as the thing I want to be doing, here's ten Micro Art Studio bases I'm going to use as scrap markers in Malifaux. They're not finished yet, but close. Sadly, the experiment with Seraphim Sepia to get a rust like effect has resulted in the metal looking just a little yellow. The old sepia washes did a much better rust. I'll re-paint those bits a different colour and see what I can find.

On the preparation side, I've done this fancy base for my Rogue Trader Chaos Dreadnought I'll be using for my Iron Warriors. He's now ready for under-coating.

I've moved on to clearing up these old Chaos Renegades, who'll be The Unworthy in my Iron Warriors.

The first 'test fit' seems to show some of the back packs sit a little high. The advice from the Oldhammer Facebook group seems to be to re-drill the holes for some of the renegades to get the packs to sit a little lower. That should be pretty viable.

What I should be doing is prepping my wife's Valentine's Day present from 2012 so she can paint them. Still, Charlie the Bulldog is ready for undercoating.

And here's Ivanka, pins for her feet sorted, and one arm glued in. It's likely when she's done then her and Charlie will get undercoated and passed over, leaving me Malinka and Olga still to do.


  1. Kool. Loads going on there. Don't forget your 'finity stuff as well. :)

    1. After the massive blitz on it, I'm taking a teensy bit of a sanity break from Infinity for our mutual benefit. ;)

  2. What do you use to pin with TRO?

    1. I buy thin brass rod from 4D Model Shop in London. I think it's the 0.5mm thickness stuff, but it's been a while since I bought it.

      I'm also completely inconsistent with writing down what thickness of drill bits I buy, and keep buying the wrong ones.