Sunday 9 August 2015

Many Milestones: Fabulous prize to be won!

In quick succession, I've hit a series of milestones on the blog:
  • 300 posts
(This is the 300th post.)

I started this blog way back on 1 April 2012. I like to think that the quality of posts has improved since those dark days, if only because I now take pictures, and sometimes even take some half decent ones.

Many things have happened since I started this blog...

My wife decided that she wasn't just a painter, but was willing to play 40K sometimes...

I've gotten better at modelling and done some kit bashes I'm really proud of.

I've started tracking my painting and modelling much better, and am starting to get to the point where I'm happy with how I'm doing.

My painting has really improved, and I can now put out miniatures I'm happy with and match the picture in my head (at least sometimes).

I've played some awesome games, and sometimes even won some. (Not pictured: a game where I actually won.)

Model painted and photograph by
Golem Painting Studio

I've accepted I can't paint all my stuff and employed some awesome commission painters to get my backlog into some sort of manageable state.

Have I mentioned how pleased I am with how my painting is improving?


Given the number of milestones, I thought I'd run a small competition and give something away - especially as I've won two prizes on blogs I follow recently!

I had a bit of a think about what I could offer as a prize, and decided that I could part with a painted model. The other blogs offered to paint or even kitbash and paint a model for the winner - but I'd like the prize to go to someone this year...

The prize is my Arbitrator kit bash test build, which I have decided doesn't look Arbites enough. I'll be trying alternative builds in the future, but while I've used him a few times as a proxy in Infinity, he can make his way on to a good home.

To enter:
Be a follower of this blog, and comment in this post! Say what you like about the blog, what you'd like to see more of, or what you usually skip over. I'm afraid each person only gets one entry, even if you make multiple posts.

The closing date is midnight, 23 August 2015. I'll select a winner from the eligible entries with some random number generator or other.


  1. Congratulations on the milestones and the blog!

    [No need to enter me in the competition...not that the mini isn't fab...just sci-fi not my thing!]

  2. It's a great blog. The best bit is probably the humour with which successes and failures are faced (failures usually require more humour than successes). The bits I find least interesting are backlog stories. Useful for yourself to get moving, I recognise that, but perhaps less interesting for the general reader. So, don't stop doing them if they help, but they are the ones I spend the least amount of time on.
    More 40k bat reps!!!

    1. With the backlog stuff, is it anything to do with painting progress, or just half completed stuff?

      Are pictures of completed models interesting?

    2. Nothing wrong with any of it. Just, I perhaps have fewer concerns about having unpainted stuff (and perhaps buy less stuff), so tips on how to manage unpainted stuff just is less interesting to me personally. Others have commented on those posts in an appreciative manner, so clearly there is a market for them.

  3. Congratulations on your milestones. Really good work. I am about to hit 300 posts with half your page views so you are doing great things over here. Well done!

    1. A lot of those page views are due to my being "first to press" with a ton of stuff from some of the Forge World seminars one year at Games Day.

      These days, there's blogs that take a reporting team, so I'm not so likely to get that much traffic again on a single post. :)

  4. Nice one with ya milestones, I'd like to see more posts.. extreme nudie shots and posts about how awesome Chico is heh ;)

    1. I might stretch to a post about how awesome you are, but no nudie shots!

  5. Eclectic randomness. And friendliness too.

  6. Is that a picture of our game from last year?

    1. Yes it is! The "Black Knight" style of it amused me and I decided to re-use the photo.

  7. I've just found your blog, so I don't thing it'd be fair to enter me over your regulars, but I'd love to know what software you're using there to keep track of your painting?

    1. I'm using a free website called "Kanban Flow" - the Independent Characters put me onto it, and it's amazing.