Monday, 11 April 2016

Dilemmas and difficult questions

Noble readers, I come to you with a number of dilemmas and quandaries which vex me greatly this day.

Firstly, I backed the Modiphius Kickstarter for the Infinity RPG. I popped by their offices last week to pick up my miniatures. The PDFs are still a little way out. I went for the miniatures to use as HVTs, but inconveniently, Corvus Belli have now released HVT models, which are similar to the Kickstarter ones. I like some of the HVT ones over the RPG ones, and vice versa...

I also got my Kickstarter maths wrong and ended up with a few spare quid backing it, which was put towards a second Nomad RPG miniature. So, the dilemma here is - do I keep them all and get them painted up, and what do I use them for? My initial thought is to get them assembled and painted up to be used as HVTs but also as legal proxies for miniatures which haven't yet come out. But do they all suit that? Do I need all of them - especially duplicates? I am a little stuck.

Here's a familiar little Heresy miniature I'm using as a proxy for a Changeling in my Malifaux Neverborn. He's done up to a basic tabletop standard, but the question remains - what still needs doing? I think the cushion needs a bit of tidying up, the knife handle needs love, and his horns and eyes have a way to go. Am I missing anything else?

 Myth, my Tiefling D&D character, is causing me no end of woes. I now want to change his trousers, the detailing of his top, the slashes on his sleeves, his lute, his gloves, his horns and his skin. What does need changing? What's fine? Am I missing something obvious? Should I not worry so much about some other bits?

So, definitely full of existential self doubt this week. I'll clearly have to cure it through ridiculous retail therapy at Salute this coming weekend.


  1. Inq28 characters. A little conversion, perhaps a weapon swap or two and Bob's your Inquisitor.

    I'm on about 12 warbands, I think. Before I start inducting my iggies....

    1. Dude, sorry to hear that you caught INQ28. It's a serious problem for wargamers, and I've not really seen a cure yet. ;)

  2. Sell the duplicates and use it to fund more shinies? Lead for the Lead God?

  3. That is a possibility. I am due for a clear out.