Tuesday 25 April 2017

How does Malifaux work again? Battle Report

Apologies for the long break - I was at a big LARP last weekend and had fallen behind on blog posts - despite having done a ton of things to blog about, I failed to schedule the time for the actual blogging.

Anyway, as you may have surmised from the title, I've dug out my Malifaux stuff, grabbed a set of Gaining Grounds 2017 and tried to play a game.

Up against McMourning, I dropped Frame for Murder on Teddy, and took Tail 'em as there's swarms of annoying puppets for activation control.

McMourning's crew, while a new crew and still yet to be painted, looked suspiciously more like a well thought out list than "the starter boxes and a couple of extra models".

Teddy was catapulted up the field with the intention of smacking McMourning very hard in the face. I genuinely bodged the charge and he got killed to gain me two points (McMourning didn't quite take the bait). All to plan, if only I'd caused some damage on the way out.

I managed to click up two points for "Tail 'em" on McMourning as the crew really needed to be up in the thick of things. Some Graves were dug and some Heads taken, but things were dying pretty slowly.

Unfortunately, everything had a lot of poison and died. Fortunately, it was direct poison damage and none of them really left head markers.

With the score at 4 all, a Marionette needed to die to be thrown in a grave - but with a good hand to cheat with, it just stayed together to save me into the draw.

All in all - a really good reminder of how Malifaux works. I made some bad mistakes - sending the Personal Puppet out of range was an epic rookie error. Still, holding out to a draw was pretty good going for a first game back. My opponent was lovely and really makes me want to make another Malifaux tournament some time soon.


  1. Sounds like a fun game! Sometimes fighting to a draw is the best victory you can expect.

    I'd love to hear more about your LARP in one of your posts.

    1. I was especially pleased with a draw after so long away from the game!

      And I might do a LARP post at some point if people are interested.