Monday, 1 May 2017

Infinity Battle Report: Bakunin vs Combined Army

With some new Infinity models assembled, I realised I had just enough models to put together a Bakunin Sectorial list and start learning about fire teams and all that fun stuff. I threw together a quick list and off I went.

And lo, did I encounter the Avatar. And I'd left a tiny gap where my Lizard TAG was visible.

The space on the right is where the Lizard had parked up. Bugger.

So the intention had been that the Lizard ran around shooting things while a defensive moderator link did it's thing. These are the old Moderator models - I picked them up with the new ones due as I will definitely be wanting to run a double sniper core fire team, and model variation is big and clever.

I needed to get a specialist up to the Combined's HVT, but there was an Umbra Hacker parked right next to it. So, I got to pull one of the great party tricks of Bakunin and fired a Pitcher up field and landed it right in the middle of a group of Remotes and a Hacker. Sadly, Zoe was only able to mildly inconvenience the Umbra, so that dream died pretty badly...

Still, there were comedy moments. My opponent ignored a combi rifle Moderator to make sure he killed the sniper. "So I need 1s, then?" There may have been some slight nerves as he took a double crit to the face. We took the Avatar out from it's position to stand in shame next to the dice. The Zero was not this close to an angry Avatar...

This was the line of fire from the Moderator to get the glorious shot of doom. He was then turned to mush in revenge, but there's a moral victory there, right?

The Avatar then ran away with an important gubbins to score lots of objective points...

While my Zero couldn't quite get the orders to score a single point for activating a console.

So, another thorough drubbing. But I was pretty pleased with how both the Pitcher and the Link Team went. I'm pretty sure that with a bit more practice, I'll be getting better. Which is good, as I've signed my Bakunin up to the HATE Infinity League...


  1. I genuinely have no idea what any of this means, but it looks cool!

    1. This one was quite jargon heavy - I'll try and write the next one so it's not quite as bad language wise for people who don't play.