Monday, 22 May 2017

Inquisitor (54mm) at Dark Sphere

This weekend, I'd popped into Dark Sphere to pick up a couple of bits and bobs I'd ordered online a while ago and get a top up of white primer. As I was heading to the till, I noticed a very unusual game going on at the table by the door. I asked nicely, and they were kind enough to let me take a few photos.

Yup, it was Inquisitor - the full 54mm version! I was also quite pleased to see that a lot of the terrain they were using was the MDF stuff Sim had painted up for Dark Sphere recently.

(I believe the scenery is TT Combat, and a mix of their City and Sci Fi ranges.) I was really impressed with how well it managed to fit in with the 54 mm figures when it's intended for 28mm.

There were a lot of impressive figures to look at. I suspect this person is a little bit Radical / Chaos-y.

Then I saw this. At first glance, from this photo, it might not seem like much...

... until you see it next to some scenery and realise it's a 54mm scale scratch built Sentinel. The detail on this is simply breath taking.

And then the players "help" with "Oh, have you seen the Rhino?" And yeah, sure, it's a Razorback, but it's in 54mm scale, with an opening back hatch, interior lighting and headlights. Stuff like this really blows me away. It's an awesome bunch of hobby.


  1. Wow thats all very impressive!!

    Whenever I go to Dark Sphere I always look longingly at their 54mm Death Watch Marine in the display case

    1. The Dark Sphere display cabinets hide a few hidden treasures like that.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? I was wandering past and had to just stop and ask permission to take a few photos!

  3. I guess I'm very late to the party, but I was Googling around yesterday to see how many people had made 54mm vehicles, and I saw familiar models in unfamiliar photos!

    I'm Marco (or David in real life), and I was the Gamesmaster running this meet (which was serving as a play-test for a community edition of the rules) as well as being the modeller behind the 54mm vehicles.

    We've been to Dark Sphere for a couple of meets now, and they've been very accommodating of us weirdos.
    (Only twice because most of our meets tend to be at Warhammer World, which is more central for the players who are still out there).

    As far as the terrain, it helps that a lot of 28mm games include large infantry in power suits or models that need headroom for back banners, so terrain that's been well thought out for 28mm will often work for 54mm without too much ado.

    We actually had a heck of a lot of fun with that MDF set, with a truly epic duel weaving around the legs of the scaffolding. (The community edition's close combat rules put a lot more emphasis on movement, in order to better emulate the use of the environment you see in well choreographed/directed fight scenes).