Thursday 6 July 2017

HATE Infinity League: Bakunin vs. Tohaa

So, HATE club decided it was about time to get a bit of an Infinity League together, and I thought this was a good idea to get me playing a bit more regularly to practice. I signed up with the Bakunin Sectorial so I'd get to learn link teams and all that stuff.

First up, I drew against a Tohaa player, and after a short discussion we decided to pick Frontline from the list of available missions - something simple and easy to start off with.

I started off by running my Lizard up the right flank and dropping it into Suppression Fire.

In return, my opponent ran a Tohaa Triad up and took out my Lunokhod - but I had the Test Run Classified Objective, so managed to score a quick point repairing it. Sadly, my opponent had taken up most of his orders shooting my TAG to bits, past the point of all repair...

A brutal firefight developed between the Triad and my models on the right hand flank, around my High Value Target.

Unfortunately, he had a doctor sitting right behind the model I took out, so he just got right back up again...

Before my Prowler managed to take him out permanently.

Meanwhile, my link team was getting plinked away at on my left hand flank...

The Lunokhod ran up field to take out an annoyingly placed sniper.

Another Triad came up my left flank to try and secure more scoring zones...

And ended up clinching the Tohaa the win, as with the loss of the TAG I simply didn't have the points left to score - ending up losing 1-9.


  1. You're really getting through the games lately! I'd love to play Infinity, but I'd need someone with a lot of patience to teach me, as my one demo game it seemed to be as much RPG (system-wise) as minis game. Still, it looks awesome to play!

    1. There's a lot of depth to Infinity! Its something I think you need multiple games to get the hang of.

      I love it because of that depth and complexity, but it does mean it might not be suitable for the casual gamer who doesn't get to play very often...