Monday 3 July 2017

Spring Showdown III: Malifaux Battle Report: Collodi vs Reva

Another battle report from Spring Showdown at the start of May. I'm trying to work through a big backlog of material for everyone!

Next up is game 2, it's Squatter's Rights, and I've drawn against a Resurrectionist Reva crew. Schemes are Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Dig Their Grave, Hidden Trap and  Mark For Death. I take Frame for Murder on Teddy and Dig Their Grave.

My opponent uses Assorted Shenanigans to get a corpse candle and crooligan up the field early. I know Reva has a trick to attack through corpse markers, so I need to be quick.

The corpse markers are popping up all over the field, and I decide Teddy can take some risks and just run over them.

Meanwhile, Annoying Traitor Witch-Hunter is holding up my Mysterious Emmissary, which has at least dropped a Hungry Land marker right up in the Squat markers my opponent seems to be going for.

I manage to drop a couple of scheme markers to score for Dig Your Grave but don't always manage to capitalise on them. Meanwhile, the Emmissary is taken down quickly and I curse not putting Frame on that rather than Teddy. Meanwhile, Teddy is trying to murder everything to death to attract as much fire as possible.

Everything is dying, except for Teddy. Around about this point, bottom of turn 3, I've got a Black Joker in hand, Teddy has one wound left, and Reva uses her last action to attack Teddy through corpse markers. I'm all ready to cheat in the Black Joker in defence to take a hit and go down but Reva fails to get a necessary suit to succeed at all, leaving Teddy to survive the entire game...

And thus the game ends, with me losing 4-9. I'd not managed to keep my Squatter markers turned in my favour for enough turns, and only scored lightly on Dig Your Graves (I don't remember the exact breakdown, it was either 3/1 Strat/Scheme or 2/2). The loss of all the Frame for Murder points just made it worse!

So, with a draw and a loss to my name, it was on to the final round!


  1. Looking good Tim. And although those buildings look pretty good as bare wood, I reckon you and Sim (and her airbrush) could make them look even better!

    1. We probably could, but we need to get our stuff sorted and the boards belong to Wayland. :)