Monday, 23 October 2017

Product Review: Anvil Industry Female Zombies

Having had excellent fun the other week painting zombies for Anvil Industry, I decided to pre-order the female zombies I'd been grumpy about not being ready for the speed painting night.

This is a mini-review of sorts, so as a disclaimer - I paid for these miniatures with my own money, but I am friends with the lovely people who run Anvil Industry, as well as a fan.

My original plan was to paint these on Sunday, but a reschedule meant that my plans for my day off on Friday got moved to the Sunday, and they hadn't arrived on the Friday for me to paint... (This paragraph specially for everyone who says that they miss my painting excuses!)

The detail on the new sculpts is excellent, and well up to Anvil's usual standard. There's a mix of military and civilian women zombies to give some variation. As you can see from the photo, bodies, arms and heads are separate so if you want an all female zombie horde, you should be able to get a reasonable amount of variation before you start seeing duplicates.

Because I pre-ordered, they also threw in a free Rock Zombie. He's pretty darned cool, and definitely a character of sorts.

Part 2 of this mini review will follow once I've assembled and painted them! So, erm, don't hold your breath? We don't need any more zombies...

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