Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Quest for the Hobby Desk

So, as I mentioned last week, my hobby desk has been a bit of a state for a while, so I took the opportunity at the weekend to clear a path to get to it.

I will admit, a significant motivating factor in getting the the path clear to reach the table is that I have some Infinity miniature repairs to do. Nothing drastic, but an Interventor needs their fire arc marker reattaching, and my Prowler is only attached to his base by one foot. If I use the coffee table for gluing, I'm going to be a dead duck, so hobby table it is!

I'm planning on making "War of the Worlds V" at I Buy Wargames next weekend, and then Totally Crit Open X2 hosted by Totally Crit the weekend after. Of course, nothing is going to be painted, but at least I'll be making a showing and playing more games!

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