Monday 5 February 2018

But what about your painting, TRO?

A few of my regular readers may recall that in the dim and distant past, I used to post painted models to this blog, rather than just lots of battle reports (mostly Infinity, all unpainted).

Well, there's a reason for that, best illustrated by a picture:

The Mess has gotten worse. My wife can no longer get to the cupboard we keep the coats in because there's too much junk in the way.

What happened?

Well, I decided to sell some stuff to declutter, but didn't get it out first - which meant in turn that when I went to search for it, I made a mess. Worse, I still haven't found half the things I sold, so they're sitting somewhere in that pile with someone willing to use them!

So, rather than painting pictures, for a while you're going to get a few pictures of my quest to downsize the miniatures collection, stop hoarding, and get back to a manageable backlog.

Lesson One

Don't sell things until you've found them. Get stuff out, sort it. Box up the stuff you're going to sell, then sell it.

Lesson One A

Start on the quick wins - in this case Betrayal at Calth and the Chaos half of Dark Vengeance were big, bulky, and easy to find.

I still have some battle reports to post, but expect to see them interspersed with articles about the Purge Of Stuff.


  1. I found a big sell off of stuff last year really helped me refocus on my hobby and I have not missed one of the miniatures yet!

    1. Done a bunch more sales, and all I'm encountering is more space. :)

  2. Plans must almost be SMART, Responsible One...

  3. I have an eBay box set aside specifically for that purpose. So if I haven't found it, I can't photograph and sell it. If I do sell it, I know where to find it.