Monday 29 January 2018

Wayland New Year's Bash Part 2: The Rest of the Games

Moving on to the second game, and I was up against Caelcifer playing his Hassassin force. The mission for the second round was Decapitation. I had a different list this time, using the Fireteam: Core of Senor Massacre and the Jaguars, a Haris of Wildcats with a Spitfire, and a Mobile Brigada Lieutenant.

My opponent won initiative and chose deployment, making me deploy first and giving me the deployment zone with fewer vantage points. I pushed the fireteams up my deployment zone on either side.

Meanwhile my Lieutenant was at the back of the field, intending to have good fields of fire for the inevitable Fiday trying to get an early game assassination. A couple of cheap Alguaciles covered the approaches to the Lieutenant to give him a warning if the opportunity presented itself.

Looking at my opponent's deployment, he was running a twenty model list with a defensive Core Fireteam and Haris all camped up on a building with the Lieutenant lying on a second storey rooftop with no ladders...

I snuck Senor Massacre up the left hand side, but didn't have enough orders to get past the network of mines and infiltration markers scattered around Haqq's Designated Target.

I'd early on made the mistake of having my Iguana get into a gun fight with a linked missile launcher and stuffed it, and then the Operator got isolated by a Ghazi Muttawi'ah.

Once isolated, he headed up and finished the Operator off, although it took him going Dogged to manage it.

Another Ghazi Muttawi'ah went Dogged to proper mess up the Wildcat Haris.

A Fiday revealed itself to take out one of the perimeter Alguaciles. Still, he did his job and the Mobile Brigada was able to smoosh the Fiday on my turn.

Up in the tower, my Alguacile Hacker was shot up by an infiltrating Daylami.

There was no way I could drop my Spitfire Hellcat right up close to the Lieutenant without dying, so I dropped him nearby and shot dead a whole bunch of link team in the back - but didn't have enough orders to get closer.

The infiltrating Daylami had a Panzerfaust, and my Lieutenant was down...

An HMG came to take care of the Hellcat, and that was about it. It was a 10-0 loss and I had nothing left alive on the table...

Next up it was essexdave - International Number 1. He was running Vanilla Aleph and it was a nice and simple Annihilation for the end of the day. Patrocles came up to try and mush up my entire link team but I shot him in the face with a boarding shotgun and he went away.

Patrocles seems to have no luck.

Achilles then got mad and smooshed my Iguana.

I was facing a Posthuman Mk5 with Heavy Rocket Launcher, Agema Marksman with Rocket Launcher and Atalanta in good sniper spots on the other side of the table. I worked out this beautiful elegant plan. My Jaguars threw smoke to hide them from the Mk5, then Massacre snuck out and threw an Eclipse Grenade that hid the Intruder from one of the two snipers but not the other...

I then speculative fired smoke over the Intruder to hide him from Achilles . . . and realised he was in the same order group as the Jaguars, and that was my last order.

For fuck's sake.

My Wildcat Heavy Rocket Launcher got into a fight with the Mk5 and lost.

Ajax came to say hello.

And eventually, with a few casualties, he went down.

Achilles then rampaged around, taking out more and more models...

Until my Wildcat Lieutenant took him down on the last order of the game.

Sadly, I'd just not done enough damage here and lost 9-3. I finished 10 out of 14. The drop of 4 ELO dropped me another good hundred people in the rankings, and I'm now sitting at 2,191th worldwide...


  1. Y'know? - I've still yet to actually see a game of Infinity...

    1. It's an excellent game, if a bit detail intensive...