Monday 19 March 2018

Infinity: Encountering the JSA Uprising

The world of Infinity has become even more interesting recently. Alongside the B4ckd00r event, Corvus Belli have announced a new book, Uprising. As part of the book release, it's been announced that the Japanese have risen up against Yu Jing. They've now moved to the Non-Aligned Armies, leaving Yu Jing without the Japanese.

I arranged a demo game with essexdave, one of the War Cors, who has got early access to the new JSA army box. I took an assortment of Nomad troops for a quick game of Capture and Protect.

The JSA won first turn, and infiltrated a TO camo marker into the ground floor of a building right by my Taskmaster with HRL.

Then a Unit-9 with Heavy Rocket Launcher revealed from limited Camo and shot the Taskmaster - it didn't cause the Taskmaster any damage, but it cleared off the Koalas.

Free from the antipersonnel devices, the Oniwaban ran out from the ground floor of the building and cut the Taskmaster in half  with it's Monofilament blade.

It then ran around to take out the Lunokhod, but the Lunokhod passed it's armour roll and burned the Oniwaban to ash. The new JSA biker model then rushed up and grabbed the beacon.

The JSA biker then, despite the penalty to dodging, passed all it's dodge rolls, using Kinematika to escape across the board.

Finally, it handed off to the new Heavy Infantry, and I wasn't quite able to get close enough to make it drop the beacon. I had a Lieutenant order that could hack it, but none of the programmes would put it into a Null state to make it drop the box.

All in all, I'm very impressed by the power of the new HI and biker. The Unit-9 are strong, but I had the right tools to counter them. I still need to work out how to address something like an Oniwaban hitting my lines when my opponent has first turn. Still a lot to learn!

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