Monday 26 March 2018

Infinity: B4ckd00r Challenge - Unveiling

As part of the B4ckd00r challenge, a new mission, Unveiling, has been released. In it, you have three civilians on the board, one of whom is the target and the other two are decoys. You need to hack consoles to find out who the target is, then kill the targets and the decoys - but not before!

I was playing Riker from HATE club, and he won the first turn.

With Yu Jing gaining the first turn, I bunkered down my forces. I left my Spektr Forward Observer in hidden deployment behind the real target, who is on the right behind the building with a sloped roof. My other two targets are tucked up behind the warehouse with the orange stripe and the air conditioning unit on top of it.

The Yu Jing MSV2 remote ran up and took out the two decoys.

A Su Jian ran up onto the roof a tall building using Climbing Plus. It went for the last target, but my Spektr managed to Flash Pulse it and landed a critical hit. The Spektr was then taken out - I think by the MSV remote?

I brought my Iguana out to try and cause some damage and inhibit enemy movement. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and it was taken out.

Before long, I had a handful of figures left. It wasn't enough to punch through to the consoles, leaving Riker with a strong 10-0 win.

So, two lessons here. One, I was lacking in ARO pieces to inhibit my opponent's movement on the first turn. The other thing was the mission really favours getting control of the consoles first and making it hard for your opponent to do it in return - meaning if you lose initiative, you need to have strong ARO pieces. Something to definitely work on in future.

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