Monday 2 April 2018

Infinity: B4ckd00r Challenge - Nomads vs (Old) JSA, Comms Centre

Late to the club due to work commitments, I arrived to find my opponent khayne666 had not yet made it to the club either - and there were already six games of Infinity going on. So terrain was going to be a challenge.

Digging through the back of the terrain box storage cage, I found two boxes of 40K tables that, combined, just about made an Infinity table, and with permission from the duty committee member, cobbled a table together. (There is a "one table, one box of terrain" rule to avoid things being muddled up, but a quick contract threatening the forfeiture of my soul if I messed up putting things away later, we were good to go.) The terrain is mostly pre-painted stuff, with some from and some from Tablescape.

Khayne666 was running the old JSA list, just before it split from Yu Jing. We were playing the mission Comms Centre, where the main objective is flipping more of the nine consoles on the field than your opponent. Due to the lack of terrain, we used my AD&D dice for the consoles.

If you're interested in my army, you can find the details here.

After my demolition by Riker earlier in the month, I was keen to have more ARO pieces, so took a Warcor and a Total Reaction Remote to provide some reactive turn control. I was up against a bike heavy JSA list with a defensive Keisotsu link sitting in the back field.

Having set up late, there aren't a huge number of pictures. One of the first casualties was my Total Reaction Remote, neutralised by an enthusiastic biker. I was down on consoles quickly, as a biker Hacker ran around flipping many switches very quickly.

On my turn, I got a bit of revenge on one of the bikers who'd stood a little too close to a Morlock and was swiftly shanked up.

With little achieved in my turn other than some moving about and the light murder of some Keisotsu who'd forgotten to lie down by my Intruder HMG

I finished up the turn by dropping the Kriza Boracs into Suppressive Fire mode...

Which promptly resulted in some bikers nervously hiding behind a container.

They took a couple of shots at the Intruder, failing to kill him but encouraging him to keep his head down.

Finally, the Spitfire biker made a break for it, and the dice were not kind to me.

The Morlock continued their biker kill streak, taking out a second.

Leaving some space for the Interventor to head up the field and flip a switch. Finally, I was getting somewhere!

The Clockmaker got the Lunokhod back online...

While the doctor got the Kriza back up.

With both of us running out of orders, a Ninja took out the Morlock and the Interventor, and turned their switches back again.

My Spektr Forward Observer broke cover and made it to a console, flipping the switch but too little too late as a Raiden noticed him and got a lucky hit in. It was all too much and I couldn't swing back the console tide or make it to the Designated Target with my remaining orders.

In the end, khayne666 scored 4 points for having more connected antennas, while I'd scored my Classified for 1, and murdered way more specialists for a further 2... He only had 88 points left on the table to my 139, but he'd got the job done.

This was my first time playing Comms Centre and I needed to focus in on the mission more - I spent too long on removing blockers to do the mission later and left myself without enough order and resource to get the job done. Khayne666 has broken a solid losing streak, much of it through the secret combination of "having a plan" and "writing a list to suit the mission". He even read the mission in advance this time! Solid congratulations for a well deserved win.

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