Thursday 10 January 2019

Infinity Practice - Druze Bayram Security vs ISS

Practice for this year's tournament season continues with another game of Supplies, this time against ISS. Many thanks to Yashar for providing me with some challenging horrors to beat my list against.

My models weren't yet back from my painter, so I was using a few proxies to start trying to get the hang of the Peacemaker, a key midfield piece for the Druze.

Meanwhile, Yashar was experimenting with running a Core link of Wu Ming. They incinerated a couple of long ranged threats with Heavy Rocket Launchers, then headed up table.

Keen to not get into a "discussion" with my E/M Light Grenade Launcher, they speculatively fired grenades onto him until he was unconscious.

Smoke then got laid down to get them into the centre field.

The Peacemaker got neutralised from across the field.

The Rui-Shi advanced and took the Sniper down to end the turn.

The Engineer bot proceeded to head up field and fix the Peacemaker...

But it only managed to neutralise a Kanren before being taken out itself.

A bit of aggressive work with a shotgun neutralised the rest of the link...

And the Wu Ming ended up holding more of the supply boxes and winning the game.

The lessons learned here mostly focused on deployment. I didn't have an active repeater network forward to inhibit the Wu Ming, and they neutralised the real threats to them early on. Leaving the Druze forward when my opponent had first turn (and had chosen it with ISS) probably left them too vulnerable to an Alpha Strike. So, when going second, have the speed bumps be more speed bump, and less important pieces!