Thursday 3 January 2019

Infinity: Practice Game, Druze vs Onyx Contact Force

So, I'm trying to get plenty of practice games in with my Druze for CanCon in late January. In this case, I got in a quick game of Supplies against Onyx Contact Force. I'm not going to do a blow by blow account, but more zoom in on the specific learning points.

I was trying out the Hunzakut with light grenade launcher for the first time, and he was quite good. I wasn't to know that the Umbra I was casually lobbing grenades at when I ran out of ideas for orders was the Lieutenant, but it was super effective when I managed to take him down.

Outside of a link, speculative fire is pretty unreliable and you really want to be within 16 inches (the positive range modifier for the LGL) if you're doing so. Deploying the annoying infiltrator up on a rooftop right by the centre line is particularly effective for making sure that anything advancing is getting into that sort of bother. It does, however, limit his capacity to move up the board later.

I got into an ugly firefight with a Sphinx, and mostly was saved by causing enough problems that it mainly ended up acting in the reactive turn and not the active turn. I needed more solutions to TO than I had available in this list, but later revisions are giving me more ways to approach it.

Hacking is big and clever, but it doesn't take out the target. In this case, I got a temporary immobilisation on the Sphinx, but wasn't able to capitalise and ruin it's day. If I'd had, say, a Peacemaker available to run it's Auxbot up and set the Sphinx on fire once it was immobilised, life would have been sweet.

I nearly lost track of the objectives this game, and an Ikadron managed to grab a supplies crate from the objective and run off with it. This could have potentially cost me the game on my weak flank!

The Druze link team needs to advance to do work. They may take the odd casualty as they do so, but they're brutal when used well and their ability to reform as needed is something that has got me out of quite a few pickles.

I managed to win this particular practice game, but for me, these games aren't necessarily about the winning or losing. I need to ask myself what I learned. What went wrong in the game? What can I change or improve on to avoid that going wrong in a future game? What reminders do I need to set myself?

In some ways, writing these blog posts helps a lot, as I can come back to the game and reflect on these lessons after the game. And hopefully, that will lead to me being a better player in the future.

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