Monday 20 May 2019

Where have you been?

Well, mostly, I was at WarhammerFest last weekend, and while I had the Monday afterwards off work, I spent most of it tidying around the flat. I still don't have a working hobby desk, and there's tons to be done.

This is still the state of the hobby room, so I'll be trying to up the pace of sorting things a little from here.

On the hobby front, the Firestorm tournament with Dahshat Company went super well, so I'm looking forward to getting into them more. I've tried a game of Necromunda, that I really enjoyed, although I'd forgotten quite how much paperwork was involved! I'm also starting to settle on playing Skaven in Age of Sigmar and having more than a little bit of a clear out of abandoned projects...


  1. What did you think about Contrast paint?

    1. Broadly - liked it. It's like watercolours for miniature painting. It will take some practice to get used to - it doesn't flow like normal paint - but once the practice is in I think it will speed things up really nicely.

      One caution that's not been mentioned much - it is much less durable than normal acrylics. It will need varnishing, but they are conveniently also bringing out some new varnishes...

  2. Wow. I hope thats not all hobby stuff ;0)