Monday 27 September 2021

Clearing the decks

I've had the week off, and while I had a bunch of real life obligations, I've had the chance to do a bunch of hobby too. Most of my time was spent in finishing up the prep of a whole bunch of models I got back from one of my assembly guys, but I got some paint on models too. First up is the Shasvastii Noctifer I put to one side to do the Corvus Belli OP at home challenge, and I thought I should get him finished up.

While waiting for some paint to dry, I started putting some paint on Virginia Hall from Bad Squiddo Games. I picked her up in the Kickstarter and don't have a plan for her, but it's good to get her painted up. Annie has a fantasy Kickstarter coming up this week that will only be up for five days, so keep an eye out for my post about that.

I've been meaning to get my Aenor Miniatures goblins painted for ages. I've decided to give them a contrast paint job over an Agrax Earthshade wash to see how that looks. Should be fun!

Here's the assorted models I finished up prep on. There's two Leonx Riders from the out of production game Runewars. There's a whole bunch of North Star models for Stargrave, and some Otherworld Miniatures models for D&D. Oh, and some duck people from Fenris Games in case I ever get into Runequest.

I also found some Meridian Miniatures steampunk militia from an old Kickstarter, and there's some viking types I got from Fenris and some giant rats. All the metal models I commissioned someone to assemble and undercoat. I then added some basing paste, painted that and any spots the spray had missed, then gave them a zenithal dusting to get them ready to paint.

I'll be putting these out as "Work In Progress Wednesdays" with better photos, but haven't got the photo booth out right now. All of this was to clear the decks to make way for . . .

I've signed up for the Malifaux Nationals at the end of November. I've already got a playable crew for the Viktorias assembled, and will be starting to paint them once I'm back from the Fast Panda tournament next weekend. I've dug out all the other models in the Mercenary keyword or Outcasts Versatile. The bases are on order and I'm just going to see how many of them I can get ready in time. I don't need any of them, but the more I get, the more flexibility I have available.

Pride is an Outcasts Versatile model, so I've got the Crossroads Seven box. On the off chance I get ahead there, I'll get the rest of the crew assembled too.

As the bases may be slow to arrive, I've also grabbed the Witches and Woes set out of my "to assemble" box in case I end up getting "stuck" waiting for the bases to arrive.

I don't really expect to get all of this done by late November, but being able to jump between projects means that even if not everything gets done, I've done something else rather than stopping hobbying completely.

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