Wednesday 6 December 2023

Brushchewer: Fantasy Four and Fantasy Fighters

Another batch of fantasy figures for RPGs today, painted by Brushchewer Inc. These are two Kickstarters. Originally I'd thought I'd paint these myself, but they'd been hanging around for long enough that I decided to get them painted for me so I could get some use out of them...

The first set was from a Kickstarter called "The Fantasy Four". They were sculpted by Lewis Collins, who shortly after the success of this Kickstarter was hired by Games Workshop to sculpt, and rightly so! There's some lovely characterful sculpts here - a flamboyant fighter, a couple of knights, and a more martial priest type.

A later Kickstarter, by "Ye Alchemist" also had a few Lewis Collins sculpts. I love these slightly less, but they're still nice useful models - a Zweihander wielder, a knight on foot with a lance, and a pair of less western European fighters with swords who can populate games like Pathfinder's regions.

The second Kickstarter had a few free dog miniatures. The central one is more supernatural than the other two, but dogs on sensible 25mm bases are often quite difficult to find. These are really excellent models to have from an RPG utility point of view. They're also good options to add to things like bandit or urban criminal encounters as a bit of variation from the criminals themselves.

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