Monday 11 December 2023

Otherworld Miniatures Giant Centipedes

A simple paint job today! These are a set of giant centipedes by Otherworld Miniatures. I've had these sitting at the side of my paint table for a good while, and I decided that it would be great to just bash through them and get them done. I did a grey drybrush on the stone, catching the legs a bit, then drybrushed dark brown on their bodies and legs, followed by a red drybrush. Finally, a light drybrush of Karak Stone brought it all together. I dotted a little yellow into the eyes to give a little variation, but not so much as to massively stand out.

These are a reliable dungeon monster that can lurk in dark corners and get aggressive and territorial when some adventurer tries to sneak through their nest to bypass a trap or a more well trodden route. They're a low level classic. 

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