Monday 8 January 2024

D&D Party Assembles, and a Battletech Whoops

I was doing a bit of a tidy up over the New Year and noticed that the two mechs I've painted in a Lyran Guards scheme for Battletech have different shades of blue. Whoops! I consulted with a few friends and basically everyone said that the lighter blue is the right colour, so I'll be doing a re-paint some time soon.

At the end of January, the online D&D campaign I play is having an in person game. So, I decided I wanted to sort out models for the player characters. Here we have a dwarf rogue and a halfling cleric. The dwarf is a character from Oathmark produced by North Star Figures. The halfling is a Warmonger Miniatures figure. It has an old plastic shield from the old Warhammer skeleton sprues, with a shield boss from the really old skeleton sprue.

The party's gnome wizard is from Oathsworn Miniatures. She's joined by the party mule, Ferrous Mule'er. Because we're doing a dungeon delving campaign, we're using D&D Beyond to track party encumbrance as planning what you take on your expeditions is part of that experience.

The last party member, the half elf warlock, had his parts arrive on Saturday, so he'll be being assembled shortly. I've only got a little time in practice before the end of the month, especially as I'm away for a weekend. So it's going to be very much "heads down" for the next few weeks to get them finished...

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