Thursday, 14 June 2012

Busy, busy!

I've not posted recently for a variety of reasons.

My other hobby, LARPing, had a big event on that I went to, and the fall out from that has been very time consuming.

I also went to the Golem Painting Studios Masterclass, with Tommie Soule, Mike McVey & Ali McVey. I'll be doing a much longer post about that in the future, along with pictures of what I managed to achieve.

I regard myself as a pretty average painter, and I'm really impressed with myself as to how far I've come on.

There are few upcoming things I'm going to.

Darksphere are running a painting and assembly day at their store on Sunday 17 July. They also have an Apocalypse game on 24 July, which I'm hoping to have about 2,000 points of Imperial Guard at.

Roughly enough, my painting goals for Apocalypse on the 24th is to try and finish the 10 Storm Troopers and the 10 Conscripts / Penal Legion.

My stretch goal is to get another Leman Russ painted up. I'm unconvinced I'll achieve that, but we'll see.

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