Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Round up of last week

So, last week I was trying to get a bunch of painting done!

I set myself the goal of;

- Finish 10 Storm Troopers
- Finish 10 Conscripts

Stretch goal:
- Leman Russ Tank
- 5 Ratlings I found lying around that are practically done

What did I achieve?
- Finished 10 Storm Troopers
- Washed 5 Ratlings to get them to gaming standard
- Washed a Primaris Psyker to get him to gaming standard

Not done:
- 10 Conscripts
- Leman Russ

This is still a pretty awesome achievement, and I was very happy to get them all done. I hope to get some pictures up of them by the end of the week, and hopefully a bit more forgiving than the ones of Broga from the Masterclass!

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