Monday, 18 June 2012

Steady progress

So, I'm trying to keep progress steady on painting for Darksphere's Apocalypse Event.

I spent most of Saturday at a friend's house - I cleaned up her Tyrannofex and assembled most of a Herald of Tzeentch on disk. For those who whinge about Finecast - two small bubbles on the disk's eyes, and a small void on the Tzeentch symbol on the staff that is easily fixable with some liquid green stuff. Still to have a single casting that tells me what any of this Finecast having problems fuss is about.

I also got a little painting done, but the majority of that was done on the Sunday, where I seriously got stuck in to my Storm Troopers. They now mostly need faces, gas masks and a few details and touch ups doing before washing. I'm really pleased with progress.

I think I'm on target to get done in time for Sunday. Having done some adding up, it'll be somewhere around the 2,500 points mark, which is more than I expected. Depending on my success I may end up over that, but nowhere near 3,000...

I have a number of half written posts I need to finish off and post up, and need to find the time to get the photos of my masterclass work in progress shots!

So, remaining to do:

- Finish 10 Storm Troopers
- Finish 10 Conscripts

Stretch goal:
- Leman Russ Tank
- 5 Ratlings I found lying around that are practically done


  1. So, have you ever bought a metal or plastic miniature that had voids in areas of fine detail -- and not complained about it?

    Not that I buy GW miniatures anyway, as a rule, but if I'm going to pay high prices for figures I'd like to see a high level of quality control.

    1. I don't recall ever getting a metal or plastic miniature with any noticable voids. It seems to be to do with resin casting processes.