Monday 14 January 2013

More work complete (with only a little bit of lying)


Well, the project that has been consuming me for a long, long time is now done. Well, mostly done. A last minute problem with fitting my Imperial Beastman's arm resulted in me scratching some paint on his arm, so that will need touching up, and I've spotted that one of my older corrections is not as good as I'd like - so there will be a tiny bit more work to do on him . . . but his arm is now on and he looks completed, and that's the important thing!

I also finished off the other Secret Weapon bases I'm planning on using as corpse tokens in Malifaux. But the observant among you will notice an 'odd one out' with these ones...

Yup, this chap is very different from the others! In short, I tried washing him with Gryphonne Sepia before the purple or red washes, and its ended up with a very different effect. Effectively, I've ended up with a dessicated corpse instead of a waterlogged one. Also, he doesn't stand out half as well as the other bodies do. It just doesn't look as good for what I was attempting.

Still, I am going to leave him the way he is. It was very much an experiment, and its a good reference for me.

Once I've finished the last bits of touch up on my mutated friend here, I'll start work on my step by step account of the kit bash - I've been carefully taking photos as I went, and notes of the paints I used, so now its just a case of writing it all up.

I've bought about half the parts I need for kitbashing 20 more of his colleagues to work as Penal Legion squads in my Guard. The remaining parts are all on my birthday list and hopefully some kind relative will take pity and pick them up for me!

This chap, as the kitbashing pilot, I think will become the faithful servant of some Inquisitor or other for Inq28, once I have an Inquisitor or two painted up. My current inclination is that he will probably find his way into Inquisitor Bernard's retinue...

Due to a minor 'slip' on ebay, I now have the old Henchman Scribe for Inquisitor, which means I'm now a little behind on where I wanted to be with the amount I had painted. As such, I want to get cracking on him straight away to try and use the enthusiasm that caused me to buy him to in turn get my 'points' score down.

My other 'on bench' projects at the moment are my ever stalled Malifaux crew and a Vindicare assassin who is challenging me with that entire "painting black" business. Three projects are really the most I should be working on at any one time - especially when one is a squad. Hopefully the assassin will wend his way to being completed quickly, so I can keep the progress going...


  1. Good stuff, man! I'm a big fan of beastmen auxila for the guard - I use 'em as counts-as Penal squads in my army as well. Keep up the great work!

  2. Looks good. Looking forward to seeing them on the battlefield!