Monday 7 January 2013

Taking stock

So, back to work, back to something approaching a normal daily schedule. I've not managed to get painting done every night, but I'm getting a little done most nights. Regular progress is really what I want to see.

I've not taken a photo of the Imperial Beastman, because reasons. Well, particularly because he's getting close to being finished, and now I kind of want to do a big reveal when he's done. I'm hoping he'll be done in time for next week's Monday post.

I have finished painting some of the corpse tokens now. The next stage is experimenting with water effects, but that won't be for a while yet - they'll be going into my Malifaux case for use when needed...

Would anyone be interested in a write up of how I painted them? I'm particularly pleased with the corpses, as they are suitably horrible...

Here's some more detail of my favourite one!

I put it this way around on a whim
Or am I just too lazy to change it?
I did have a little bit of a daft moment on Saturday. I skipped out of my regular LARP day after the first game to head home early, but decided to pop into the John Lewis sale on the way home to pick up a painting lamp. I was fed up of painting in the very low light conditions in our dining room, and wanted to improve things.

However, having fought my way to Oxford Circus during the January sales, my wife called me to remind me that I already own a painting lamp. We bought one last year during the January sales. Once mentioned, I remembered this. My brain's logic had been that I'd been painting in a half lit room for several months, so why on earth would I be doing that if I owned a lamp?

I'm also now caught up on my creative writing in terms of battle reports. I hope to write up a bit more explanation of the circumstances and background of some of our major players. I've also been doing some basic sketching out of some Inquisitors and warbands for Inq28. My two existing metal models I own are now being set up as two rival Ordo Hereticus.

I had originally considered making the already named Inquisitor Bernard Ordo Xenos, as it seems no-one really does much with the poor under-loved fellows, but the weapon I'd pictured him using is only used in 40K by the Ordo Malleus, so he had a mild tweak to his background. I plan on kitbashing him in the future, once I've cleared a bit more of the backlog.

Wife got a new toy. Or rather, a couple of new toys. Her family and my family clubbed together to get her an airbrush and compressor.

It is very pretty, isn't it?

I picked up a couple of bits of Amera scenery for Sim to practice using the airbrush with so she didn't feel bad if she did something wrong with something expensive. I will say, I was quite impressed with the Amera stuff - it's super cheap, and helps bulk out your terrain collection quickly and cheaply. I'm planning on using Vallejo Pumice texture to make it look a bit less like vacuum formed bits of plastic - I'll let you know how that goes.

I did not take a picture of her work in progress and post it here, because doing so without asking might have resulted in my sudden and untimely death.

I did, however, while rummaging around the shelves at Dark Sphere, find an interesting thing, which only cost me £1.35.

Its a nice brick / cobble tiled piece of plastic, again by Amera. I intend to use this as a background for photographing models once Sim has finished playing with her airbrush on it, as I've not yet got a painted / textured gaming board. Hopefully this will improve my photos a little bit!

I also picked up a couple of nice bits in the Dark Sphere sale - an out of print Games Workshop terrain set of Landmines and Bombs (still a couple left when I last looked, so if you want one, get to their website pronto), and a set of the Under-Empire Basing Kit. I've had a nose, and they look quite fun - would people be interested in photos and a little unboxing review?

Given all the new shiny things, I've decided not to back the Kingdom Death Kickstarter. I would love to own the game at some point, but I can wait. I also want to try and paint some of the resins he does, but getting the backlog down before I try is pretty vital. I can buy some miniatures from him direct if and when I decide to do so. You have a few minutes left at time of writing - the co-operative survival horror mechanics look absolutely awesome, and the only reasons I'm not getting it are lack of money and time!

I am, however, in for the Malifaux Kickstarter. If you like Malifaux, go for it. The stuff I've seen about the concept and mechanics look really positive and solidly thought through. It hasn't exploded and taken off due to falling in an awkward spot between roleplayers and miniature gamers / painters. I would have loved to go for the Hanging Tree, and having my own little Wicked Doll, but again, the pesky limits of reality and money mean I'm only in at the basic level.

I've been maintaining a really good level of two posts a week - I'll be curious as to whether or not I can keep that up, although my bare minimum is one a week.

Thanks for reading.

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