Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Some work in progress pictures

I have, sadly, failed to complete anything more before the end of the year.

Still, I thought it would be good to give some work in progress shots of where I'm up to so far.

The teeth obviously need work, but I've started
base coating the bone and horn.
I need to decide what I'm doing with the eyes...

Happy with the fur on the back.
The fur on the back of the legs needs more contrast.

And the right leg needs a little clean up too

Just the strap left to do here!

The corpse tokens - bases by Secret Weapon

You can see here that I missed a large blood flow...

The next stage is washing the corpse parts

These ones still need the lighter colour adding first.
So, I did manage to achieve something over Christmas, but without anything finished, as I'd have liked. There's still a good deal of progress, which I'm happy with.


  1. yeah, that fur is looking really good. Slow and steady progress is all you need :)

  2. Looking superb so far, can't wait to see more