Wednesday 10 July 2013

Battle report: 1750 vs Grey Knights

The Dark Sphere slow grow league has peaked at 1,750 points. As I'd missed a few games and really wanted to get back into it, I threw a list together of various units I'd not really tried out in combination yet, and the following morning went to sort my miniatures. I soon realised that fitting them into two KR cases was a nightmare, and as I was on a tight deadline, ended up just throwing everything into the KR steamer trunk of doom and rushing out the door...

This week's opponent was a Grey Knight player I hadn't faced before. His army certainly worried me when I saw it.

My motley assortment of troops were thus lined up to face the music...

We were playing some sort of objectives match up, and used some of his Plague Bearers as the objective markers.

He'd taken Mr Crowe, and was playing Force Org shenanigans.

This was the left flank, where I felt more confident in being able to take at least one of the objectives.

He hid his Vindicare away in some ruins...

While I hid the couple of Ratlings I'd bought to use up points away in a ruin opposite him.

To open up proceedings, his Dreadknight showed off its party trick of jumping across the board. It also flame throwered a few things.

I then helpfully dropped a barrage of missiles onto the chaps on the bunker complex to make their lives unpleasant.

The Vindicare suffered the mild embarrassment of being shot to death by a combination of wildly panicked fire from the Conscripts and a neat precise shot from the Ratlings.

Meanwhile, everyone backed away from the scary killer Dreadknight...

The brave Guardsmen of the centre held their ground to pour some shots into it, causing a little damage.

While the Sentinels came around the flank to also pour fire into it.

But sadly, I forgot it was a fast moving little whatsit.

And it's over-sized psychic toothpick is remarkably efficient at murdering things. Also note the small number of fleeing conscripts, having completed their role as a mobile cover save for others.

While the Grey Knight Storm Raven, loaded down with a squad of Terminators and his Warlord librarian was busy duelling Thunderbolts from the Imperial Navy off screen (thank you, Master of the Fleet), my Astropath ensured that the trained aerial assault of the Storm Troopers came down on schedule and on target.

While the Hellhound reminded the Grey Knights that it isn't just their shiny giant baby walker which has a Torrent weapon...

"Hotshots are AP3, you say?" - The lone surviving Grey Knight from the initial barrage of fire falls to snap shots as he tries to charge the Storm Troopers.

Meanwhile, Crowe ineffectually tries to blow up the Hellhound while his comrades try to get out of sight of it.

Panic ensues as the Dreadknight pinballs around the Guard back line...

... wrecking pretty much everything it comes into contact with.

My Valkyrie had dropped off some Veteran reinforcements (in completely the wrong place due to scatter), and they managed to get a little more damage onto the Dreadknight, while finally the Grey Knight flier rocked up...

The Veterans flee the slaughter, while the Dreadknight advances on the command squad...

... who managed to get a lucky hit with a laspistol, taking its final wound and felling the terrifying monstrosity. Whoever actually took that shot, the captain will be taking credit. (He also needs a good name. Suggestions? I'm thinking of a crony or collaborator with our friend Captain Rafiq...)

Sadly for the Grey Knights, the cover of the building is enough to save the Hydra, and in turn it gets in a lucky hit, wrecking the Storm Raven and sending it plummeting to earth, killing all but two of the inhabitants.

The Grey Knights on the right flank manage to cause some damage to the Hellhound with a well placed grenade, but its likely too little, too late.

The Guard infantry on the left flank are slaughtered by the librarian and his surviving squad member.

The Hellhound backs up a bit and incinerates the last Grey Knight on the right flank.

The Guard in the centre, who had been left alone by the Dreadknight in favour of its wrecking campaign against the tanks, make it to the far side of the field and grab the objective.

The Valkyrie returns from ongoing reserves and, with the rest of the left flank, turns to pour fire into the two surviving Grey Knights - both clad in Terminator armour.

The Manticore gets two hits, with the librarian the closest model - only one wounds, but he forgets the Manticore's Strength 10, decides not to "Look out, sir!", and the armour save is unsuccessful!

One Marine, One Remaining Wound . . . One Round of Guard Shooting Left...

Needless to say, it was enough, and the Guard held the field and carried the day!

I'm starting to feel like I've assessed a few units enough to give my first thoughts on their uses in 6th Edition now. You may remember my posts this time last year about some initial thoughts on what to investigate with the army, and I'm now feeling I can provide a bit of progression on that. Expect to hear back from me on that soon!


  1. Nice! Always good to see the guard carrying the day! Well done!

  2. Bloody good show!

    Looks like a brilliant game - right upto the wire! Just what this hobby should be about.

  3. Nice one! Who needs to think about putting together the perfect list anyway?...