Wednesday 24 July 2013

Malifaux: The University of Transmortis Unboxing

I was pleasantly surprised today to discover that my reserved copy of "The University of Transmortis" had arrived - and here I was thinking it wasn't due until next week!

Cybernetic zombies wasn't a hard sell, I must admit. However, regular readers will know that I'm a dirty Neverborn player (two games under my belt now!), so why am I buying models that look all Resurrectionist? Read on and discover the potential mayhem...

This is the first time I'd seen renders of the sculpts, and if I'd seen this before buying, I'd have been definitely grabbing it, rather than speculatively putting the money down as a bit of a gamble. I'm glad that in this case, one of my very rare moments of irresponsible has paid off.

So, this is everything you get. One plastic sprue, along with a bit of foam to protect some of the tiny plastic pieces. A rulebook. A little wallet with the stat cards and assembly instructions, and the bases. I couldn't see any way of going into further detail on the cards without copying the rules out, which I don't think is really on.

I was about to type "and no-one who reads this would be interested in plain plastic bases". And then I noticed that it looks like those bases don't have slots in them - a big complaint about the new plastic Ten Thunders models had been that the bases still had slots in when the models didn't have tabs... So it looks like that might be fixed going forward.

The little pamphlet of rules is lovely quality - flavour text and pictures run through it. This gives a good impression of the sort of thing you're going to be getting without photographing entire pages.

So, this is the sprue, photographed against the white foam so you can see it - my grey kitchen counter is not going to really give you the contrast!

Each of the four Iron Zombies included in the kit has all its parts in one of the four little sub-sprues. Sadly, Wyrd has still not learnt and some of those parts are unreasonably tiny...

I'm definitely looking forward to putting these horrors together. In addition to being usable as a Resurrectionist crew / models (there's a henchman and three minions in the box), they can also be used for a couple of different schemes where you're trying to save civilians / ensure civilians die, or trying to lure the other side into being eaten by zombies.

There's also a fun little one player scenario where you're being attacked by random zombies and trying to score victory points against the little swine. I don't yet have the points assembled to try that, but that's definitely a challenge to work up to!

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