Monday 6 January 2014

First week of painting for a new year

I spent the first couple of days of the New Year completely clearing off my painting table, as it had gained an awful lot of junk I wasn't working on. Once it was finished, I took the opportunity to lay out all my current Kanban board on the table so I could see all my work in progress.

Then, after a little more procrastination, I sat down and tried to start doing a little bit each day.

I started work on the head swaps for another five Guardsmen for the Independent Characters' Hobby Progress Challenge. I'm quite happy with the chap with the rebreather and the Bretonnian head.

And a couple of them needed a little green stuff to make the heads work with the bodies.

I picked up the Chaos Champion, too, gluing him to his base and filling in the hole with green stuff, as I've decided to try out Agrellan Earth on this chap! Not much more than that yet - but he's moving a little again.

I've started painting the Arbitrator. I'm worried there's a bit too much red on him, but I think that's down to the choice of parts I used to put him together. I'm trying to decide if I should break up the massive amount of red with something else, like changing the trousers to Dark Blue or something similar.

The armour is going more to what the leg plates are like rather than the helmet - that missed a few stages as I sorted out his face. Trying to decide what colour to make his gun - whether to go with some sort of particular case colour, or mostly gun metal.

And finally, three Wicked Dolls are pinned and glued to their bases, ready for water effects! The end of the road is in sight with these chaps. This makes me inordinately happy - they've been an absolute pain for ages.


  1. Good stuff, man - looking forward to seeing more of the guardsmen, definitely like how those are coming along! I think the colors on the Arbite work quite well - the blue trousers would also work, but I like the scheme as-is. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks a ordain. I'm still undecided about the Arbites, but I'm really liking my current enthusiasm and hope I can keep it up!