Sunday 12 January 2014

Progress of a sort - one bit at a time

With another week passed, I haven't managed to finish anything.

This isn't as bad as it sounds - I've still done a lot, and in some cases the end is in sight, but the real fact remains - nothing is finished yet this year.

I'm really starting to feel the Arbitrator is coming together. I've redone his legs in blue, and I think that's helped in breaking up the colour blocks on the model. I don't think I'm going to go for this combination on my final ones though - there's just not quite enough armour, and Guard flak vests are really distinctive.

As before, the first level of water effects ended up shrinking down and not being flat, so another, second layer has been added and is still drying. This is the frustrating thing with these swamp bases and water effects - I don't know if I'm "finished" until several days later when I get to see the models with everything dry.

I've also completely assembled an Imperial Guard squad. In a sense, the assembly is finished, but the miniatures are not finished finished. Also, in order to complete the Hobby Progress Challenge with any chance of success I need to get two squads done rather than one!

So hopefully, I will be well into the assembly of the second squad by the end of next week, the Arbitrator will be as good as finished and the Wicked Dolls will finally be done. I'm really feeling like I've got some momentum!


  1. I have to say I am loving the Arbritator conversion. The helmet works really well.


    1. I definitely love the helmet, but I'm considering trying another with different torso and arms. Something with a bit more armour.

  2. I'm beavering away at another Ork army atm - a Bad Moonz dreadbash force. Currently mostly finished is a Bigmek, Dreadmob of three Dreadnaughts, nine killa kans and most of a unit of spannaboyz.

    Work has started on the lootaz and burnaz, a looted wagon and a megadread. The five metal deffkoptas are mostly assembled.

    problem is that it's growing faster than I can paint it.

    It's nice to see what you're getting and watch your work in progess and the battle reports.

    1. Are you going to be putting some pictures up anywhere?

      And I've been finding that Kanban is worthwhile for trying to stop things growing faster than you can paint. Although it is currently not yet succeeding with me, it is at least keeping it a little more under control!