Monday 24 February 2014

Moving backwards - problems with a clown

Last week, while I was painting my first Joker model and experimenting with his colour scheme, I had a dreadful realisation that my preparation wasn't up to scratch. Here's the model in question.

As you can see, the effect I'm going for is basing him in an off white / bone colour, then doing all the painting with washes. The downside is that any failure with preparation or mould lines is a big, big problem.

The red lines circle the two problems. An unfortunate casting defect which looks almost like a fabric rip (which I actually mistook for a fabric tear during prep, which is why it was left). I have been thinking hard about it, and I just can't leave it - so back to preparation he goes for some Liquid Green Stuff first aid in the hope of salvaging things!

Wish me luck...


  1. I've got some Humberol filler that will be better than green stuff.
    And it is white, so you will only need very thin coat of primer afterwards.

    1. Thank you love! (She's even done it for me while I was painting my Guard. Isn't she awesome?)